Subscriptions & Pricing

Everything around your car on a subscription basis


Fixed monthly subscription rates for third party liability, partial cover and full comprehensive insurance.

Breakdown Service

Fixed monthly subscription rate for breakdown service Europe-wide.

handit HOME – your personal vehicle service manager

Vehicle owners have the opportunity to obtain all services related to the maintenance and use of a vehicle, from one single app. The registration process only takes a few minutes, and services can be used directly after successful completion.

Digital checkbook

With the handit app you always have your digital checkbook with you. All activities are recorded there.

Appointment reminders

You will be informed about upcoming events via push notification.

Smart suggestions

Based on your vehicle and the mileage, suggestions are made to you (e.g. service intervals).

handit Dashboard

Manage multiple cars

You can also manage several cars with the handit app. Be it the partner’s car or the car fleet as a company.

Digital accident protocol

In case of an accident, you can easily fill out the accident report via handit app and we will take care of the rest.

Web-App also available

If your mobile phone has no battery or you just prefer to type on the keyboard, there is also a web app.

This is how it works

Lookup your car and subscribe in few steps

Keep you car maintained at a fixed monthly rate. No more uncertain costs!

1. Lookup your car

Enter your vehicle information so we can offer you the best suitable subscription package.

2. Choose subscription options

Add options such as service and repairs, insurance, breakdown service, tire change and taxi service to your subscription.

3. Keep your car maintained at a fixed rate

No more uncertain costs. handit makes maintenance costs predictable.

Ready to save money?