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handit SERVICE – the service management companion

handit enables partner service providers to offer their services via the handit platform and thus not only reach more customers, but also reduce the time and effort for billing and appointments.

Wether its car insurance companies, workshops, garages, tire manufacturers or cab companies – handit unites all car-related services on a single platform. It was developed with a strong focus on the end user. Each user manages his own profile, and roles and rights are managed by the admin according to need and function. For example, every workshop employee can view appointments, but only the admin can view the invoices that are processed via handit.

Official handit Partners

Yourmile handit PartnerSimpego handit PartnerAutoFIT handit PartnerTCS handit Partner

Maximize your capacity utilization

Detailed appointment overview

Manage your service requests and appointments with ease.

Revenue reporting

See on which service type you generate most revenue.

Customer satisfaction report

Receive direct customer feedback after service completion.

handit fleet manager

The handit platform

Use our handit platform and the provided tools for free! Serve more customers and utilize your free capacity.

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