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Full overview, always the overview. Quite simple

Full overview, always the overview. Quite simple

This week marks the anniversary of handit’s founding. “I came home one night and started putting down on paper the ideas that had been buzzing around my head for weeks” – remembers founder and CEO. “It wasn’t easy to capture and put everything I imagined and how I imagined it down, but the feedback I received from friends and family showed me it was worth it.”   

There have been many ups and downs, many funny moments but also those that almost led to giving up. But the most important thing is and always has been: the joy of entrepreneurship, and the firm belief in the idea has accompanied the team all the way.   

For all friends, acquaintances and companions, we have summarized the highlights of the last year, as well as the current status of handit. 

We hope you enjoy reading our journey, and wish you all a great start into the new year! 

Your handit team! 

Developing the MVP 

Our Development Team has managed to bring the Webapp to 85% completion within 4 months. The completion of the MVP and the first test runs by pilot companies is planned in March 2021.

We are already very excited about the feedback and response. 

Focus on Partnercompanies 

Initially geared towards private users, handit decided over the course of the months to focus on corporate users. As a fleet management tool that offers all associated services such as repairs, breakdowns, insurance, etc. on a subscription basis, we have already been able to attract the attention of the first interested parties and thus generate the first leads that are waiting for the completion of the MVP.  

Buliding Strong Teams 

Every milestone achieved is only as good as the team behind it. Therefore, we are particularly proud of this last point.  In the past year, 6 motivated, smart, and innovative young people have joined the handit project, each of whom could not be more different, but at the same time, sharing the same passion and motivation for handit. 

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